Hoofbeats Tentative 2016 Calendar of Events

Jan. 23                                             Rockbridge Hunt Pony Club Horse Management Clinic

Feb. 9                                              Board Meeting

Feb 21                                             TRAV Education Day

March 7                                            Horses Come Back To HB

March 12                                          Volunteer Training Day

April 12-June 4                                   First Session

May 10                                             Board Meeting

May 14                                             Dressage with a View Invitational Show Team

May 15                                             Hear the Beat Fund Raiser and Invitational Show Team

June 4 -Aug 5                                    Last Day of First Session

June 5                                              Hear the Beat Fund Raiser and Invitational Show Team

June 11                                            Dinner Theater Garden Party

June 14                                            Second Session

June 25                                            Hoofbeats Heroes Run Fund Raiser

August 5                                           Last Day of Second Session         

August 6                                           Breakfast Club Fun Show

August 16-Oct. 15                              Third Session

Sept. 3                                             Dressage with a View Invitational Show Team

Sept. 4                                             Hear the Beat Fund Raiser and Invitational Show Team

Sept. 11                                            Special Olympics

Oct. 3-11                                           Break for Baroque

Oct. 7-8                                             Baroque Show and Gala

Oct. 15                                               Last Day of third Session

Oct. 22                                               Fun Show and Awards Party

Nov2-5                                                Path Conference

Nov. 5                                                 Natural Horsemanship Clinic

Dec. 10                            Hear the Beat Christmas Edition Fundraiser                          

Last Update: 1-12-2016
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